23, July, 2019, | 11:21 AM

About Us


   We at GOLDBKK actively try to create value for our shareholders, employers, clients, and partners through safely and responsibly prospecting, trading, procuring, refining, designing, and marketing of our select products. Our primary focus is gold. However, we will pursue value-creating opportunities in other precious metals as well, where we can leverage our existing assets, experience, and skills to enhance the delivery of value. 
     Buying and selling gold and precious metals to the consumer and wholesale market through the brand and hallmark ‘GOLDBKK', we are striving to expand the horizons of online bullion investments. Maintaining ourselves on achieving this goal, we have now gone upstream (to refining and production) and downstream (trade and distribution of bullion, jewelry, and industrial products to the consumer and wholesale markets). 
     Our open and transparent policies guarantee the termination of various problems that can develop in an online gold investment market. Furthermore, they ensure that our holders are clear on the processes and developments in our platform.